Contest 2016 Edition

Welcome to the Contest 2016 Edition collaborative space. This page is the home for submitting new topics, enrolling on the programme, writing work progress reports and knowing more about the Contest process. The Contest is now over. See you in 2017!


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Process and timeline

The Contest process is organized under the control of the Technology Council. The Technology Council disseminates the Contest approach to universities and schools in order to get as many students involved as possible, it supervises the Contest itself and the evaluation of the work that has been delivered. 


The table below describes how the Contest phases are supported by the collaborative site at The site is used by the contestants and their mentors, and by the Technology Council. All of them have an account for reading / publishing information during the whole Contest period.

Topic submission
  • Topics can only be submitted by OW2 project leaders
  • Topic submitters own the document they have created and they can edit it later on if needed.
Contestant team registration
  • Each team representative registers as an OW2 individual member, hence getting an account on the platform with the ability to enroll his/her team on the programme.
  • Each team gets a dedicated area in the platform, for publishing their reports.
Weekly reporting
  • Once the Contest starts, each team representative submits a report each week through a dedicated form on this platform, supporting attachments and rich formatting. Reports are public. All the reports can be accessed from each team page.
  • A public document describing the evaluation process will be drafted by the Technology Council, based on the previous editions.
  • The mentors are invited to fill in an evaluation form through this platform
  • The Technology Council reviews all the evaluations and nominates the winners.


The Contest 2016 runs according to the timeline below, with some possible adjustements. 

May week 1
  • Announcement of the topic submission process to the project leaders and to the TC.
  • Announcement of the contest-committee list to the project leaders and to the TC, inviting all interested parties to join in order to help promote and organize the Contest.
May week 2Start collecting topics and reviewing them.Technology Council
May week 3Reminder for topic submissionCTO
May week 3Open the contest registration page, until end of JuneCTO
May week 4Send promotion material to the OW2 community academic contactsTechnology Council
May week 4Subscribe all the mentors to the mentor listCTO
July week 2
  • Activate all functions for contestants to use the Contest site for submitting reports and questions
  • The contestants and mentors lists are updated with the relevant contacts 
  • Email on the next steps and follow-up with the weekly reports
Jul. - Sep.Follow-up of weekly reports until the teams submit the codeTechnology Council
Sep. week 1-2Code submission
Sep. week 2
  • Start of the evaluation process to TC and team leaders
  • Compilation of information about all teams, URL for work delivery
  • Production of the file describing the evaluation rules for the topic holders
  • Production of the file containing the information about all contestants
Technology Council
Sep. week 4Classification, identification of the potential winnersTechnology Council
Oct.Award ConferenceOW2 Management Office


Communication about the Contest takes place in several mailing-lists, please make sure you subscribed to the appropriate ones.