About the OW2 International Programming Contest

About OW2

OW2 is an independent, global, open-source software community. The mission of OW2 is to a) promote the development of open-source middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and b) foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. OW2 consortium is an independent non-profit organization open to companies, public organizations, academia and individuals. OW2 is an open worldwide organization, established in France. It gathers approximately 30 corporate members from France, Belgium, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, several hundreds of individual members. The Consortium's code base comprises more than 50 active projects.

About the OW2 International Programming Contest

OW2 has been running an annual Programming Contest since 2011. The purpose of the OW2 Contest is to provide an opportunity for students from all countries to demonstrate their talent in open-source software engineering by working during 2 months on a topic relating to one or several OW2 projects. What's more, the contest aims at promoting teamwork and the ability of college students to study, use and enhance OW2 open-source projects. Based on principles of "freedom, sharing and creativity", and aiming at developing international communication and cooperation, the competition is overseen by IT professionals and academics from around the world.

Why you should apply

What sets the OW2 International Contest apart is the opportunity to:

  • be mentored by industry and research leaders with expertise in open-source software engineering
  • develop your skills in developing quality software by knowing more about the OW2 quality program
  • be part of a worldwide community with roots in Europe, China and South America

Program committee

The program committee is composed of the OW2 Technology Council members, a community of senior CTOs and researchers specializing in open-source software engineering, in charge of defining the technical strategy of the OW2 Consortium.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation of the work hinges on the following criteria defined by the OW2 Technology Council, in relation with the OW2 quality programme, Oscar:

  • README availability with build and installation instructions, license and getting started notes
  • Code quality in terms of conventions and comments
  • Code quality in terms of design patterns and architecture
  • Compliance level with the project specifications and requirements
  • Testing process maturity
  • Quality of the documentation
  • Evaluated complexity of the code
  • Availability of a well defined API
  • Communication and reporting levels with / to the mentors and the OW2 Technology Council


3 prizes are awarded:

  • One first prize
  • Two second prizes
  • 10 third prizes

Important dates

  • June: Topic submission
  • Until 30 June: Team registration
  • Early July: Work starts
  • Until 2 Sept: Deadline for work submission

Sponsoring opportunities

The Contest organizing team welcomes sponsoring proposals including hardware, travels to conferences, books, award conference venue, communication support.

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