Who is the Contest for?

The OW2 International Programming Contest is for any student worldwide, solo or team. The communication and reporting takes place in English only.

When does it take place?

The programme takes place in July and August every year, preferably full-time but not an obligation.

  • Topic submission deadline: 24 June 2016
  • Team registration deadline: 30 June 2016
  • Programme start / end: 4 July, 2 September 2016

Context and purpose

Practice and learn open-source software engineering best practices, improve the OW2 projects and beyond, develop international
cooperation with principles hinging on freedom, sharing and creativity

To do what?

To work on one of the Contest topics, mostly in relation with OW2 projects, also open to any affiliate organization and to topic ideas by the students themselves and their mentor.

Who's running the programme?

The Contest is run by the OW2 Technology Council, a group of 50+ OW2 project leaders with hands-on experience on open-source software and with a crush on quality and governance, in collaboration with all the mentors (i.e. the topic owners).

What is expected from the students?

The students are expected to write a weekly report describing their progress and their relation with their mentor(s), then to deliver an open-source software project covering their topic, taking into account a set of guidelines and best practices that will be communicated during the course of the programme.

Can I submit my own topic?

Yes, students are welcome to submit topics. The topics will then get evaluated by the OW2 Technology Council for acceptance. The proposed topic(s) should relate to one or several OW2 projects and/or to the OW2 quality programme, Oscar, and be realistic in a two months timeframe.


Which team size?

Teams can be composed of one single student up to 4.

Which evaluation criteria?

The evaluation of the work hinges on criteria defined by the OW2 Technology Council, in relation with the OW2 quality programme, Oscar. Please head to the About page to view the list of criteria that get taken into account.

What happens if two or more teams register for the same topic?

Some project leaders / mentors welcome several teams for the same topic, others don't. For those who don't, if several teams register for the same topic, a discussion occurs between the teams and the topic submitter so as to either select one single team or to propose alternative topics with the goal to keep all teams involved. 

What is expected from the mentors?

The mentors are OW2 project leaders or university professors / researchers. It is expected that they communicate regularly with the team who selected their topic, help them clarify the objectives and improve their skills. Once the work has been delivered, mentors have to conduct an evaluation under a set of criteria that are in line with the OW2 quality programme, Oscar, and further described on the programme site. Mentors are not allowed to be part of any team.

What are the awards?

The following prizes will be distributed in 2016. The OW2 Technology Council will conduct the evaluation in cooperation with all
the mentors:

  • 1st prize: 2000 EUR (one team)
  • 2d prizes: 800 EUR per team (2 teams)
  • 3d prizes: 150 EUR per team (10 teams)

The awards will be announced on the occasion of the OW2 International Programming Contest Conference which will take place in Beijing in
Oct-Nov 2016.

Where can I get more info?